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Hawaiian Sunrise

$22.99 CAD

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Your go to tropical scrub has arrived, Blood Orange + Pineapple Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub!

This brightening mix of tropical fruits will be the treat you deserve. Give your skin that perfect summer glow all year long. Made with pineapple puree (yup that's right we take a whole fruit and puree to make this scrub) and coconut oil to exfoliate dead + dry skin cells, and deeply moisturize your skin.

Take the tropics with you wherever you go with this scrub!


100% natural + fresh ingredients:

Dead sea salt, organic coconut oil, fresh pineapple puree, and Sicilian blood orange essential oil

This salt scrub is 100% all natural. We make this scrub fresh, so enjoy it sooner than later for the best experience! Always close jar after use, air will harden your scrub. Make sure your hands are clean and avoid adding water. When scrub starts to expire, you'll notice a change in the smell and texture.

Shelf Life:

Use within 12-18 months of opening.

Get your glow on:

For best results, use 2-3 times a week. In the shower or over a sink; wet skin, take a small amount of scrub and massage onto skin in a circular motion. Add more scrub as you go. Rinse and towel dry. Use on body and feet, give extra love to rougher bits like feet and elbows. Don't be scared to go all in, a full body scrub feels AMAZING.

Your skin will be instantly soft and moisturized! For a full tutorial on how to exfoliate and all of it's benefits, click this here.

Where to use:

This 100% all natural dead sea salt based scrub is designed for you body and feet! We love salt scrubs because they don't melt on the skin, and you can scrub as long as you want. So say goodbye to dry rough spots with just one use! It targets ingrown hairs, strawberry legs, cracked heels, dry skin, bikini line, cand hicken skin on back of arms.

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