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The Matcha Collection

$57.99 CAD $64.99 CAD

Unleash the healing power of Matcha in your skincare routine. Start with our super healing Matcha Mud mask. If you've got acne/oily/unbalanced skin, this is the mask for you! Once you rinse, finish with our Matcha Mint Butter. Simply warm up a tiny dab between your palms, and gently massage on your face. Leave on for extra hydration, or wipe away excess. 

Do you know how to make a face mask even more fun? The right tools for the job! Make mixing a breeze with our ceramic face mask bowl, and evenly apply it with the perfect brush. 

*Now packaged in a foldable square box.

Included in this gift set:

🍵  Matcha Mint Butter

🌱  Matcha Mud Face Mask

🖌  Ceramic Clay Face Mask Bowl + Brush


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