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Relax Sea Bath

$9.99 CAD

It ain’t easy being fabulous – and for you, it’s a 24/7 gig. Take time for you with our Relax Sea Bath. Allow the gentle aromas of lavender, jasmine, and chamomile to transport you to a place of serenity.

Even better, dim the lights and fire up one of our luxurious scented candles to create the perfect soothing ambiance. Enjoy on your own or spice up the romance and intimacy by drawing a romantic bath for two! Just remember: keep calm and Relax.

Use: Use: dissolve contents 1/3 cup (or wing it!) under running warm water, light some candles, and enjoy.

Epsom salt, dead sea salt, organic coconut oil, lavender essential oil, jasmine essential oil, and chamomile essential oil.

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