Send us your Scrub pictures!

We absolutely love when our customer's love our scrubs as much as we do - it's probably the biggest compliment we could ever recieve. And even more than that we love when you take some kick-ass pictures of our scrubs. One of our biggest fans (looking to you Danette!) took some pretty fabulous pictures last week, I just have to share them with all of you.

Since our products & company are inspired by the beautiful coast of Cape Breton, it's perfect that she took these pictures with inspiration from the ocean. Thanks again Danette for your awesome pictures and how you continue to inspire us to keep doing what we are doing :)


You can send them directly us at or post them to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter - just be sure to use this hashtag…





  • SCRUB Inspired

    Thanks Linda! Yes they are amazing for not only exfoliating but also moisturizing. Glad you like them :) Let us know what you think about the Lavender & Vanilla.

  • Linda McNeil

    Love your scrubbies! They make my body feel so good I don’t need to moisturizer after my bath or shower! Can’t wait to try the lavender scent this time!!

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