How to Choose a Body Butter for Your Skin

Body butter collection by Scrub Inspired

Don't let dry skin dull your glow! Say hello to hydration with our simple yet divine body butter line. We won't over complicate it - natural butters are incredible on their own. These butters are soft and absorb at the touch.

Which butter should you chose?

Rich and Nutty

Raw and unrefined shea butter for dry skin on body and feet.

For those raw shea butter lovers, the Au Naturale is made for you. It has a light nutty aroma, is rich and deeply moisturizing, and will keep your skin soft and glowing.

Light and Minty

Matcha Mint Body Butter

If you're looking for something lighter and minty, Matcha Mint is for you. It has a lighter finish (but is still hydrating) and has a bright and grounding wintergreen + matcha aroma.

Fresh and Fruity

Mango Tango Body Butter


Feeling tropical? Our new Mango Tango butter is the lightest in the line. It's delightfully soft and moisturizes without an oily finish. It will delight your senses from face to feet.

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