Scrub Shelf Life

All of our scrubs are handmade with fresh, 100% all natural ingredients. We don't use added preservatives or artificial ingredients, therefore we recommend using your scrub right away while it's fresh. All scrubs have a best before date on the bottom, and will last between 6 to 12 months.

This is a recommendation, some scrubs tend to last quite a bit longer. Our Oatmeal Coffee and Coconut Almond are champions of shelf life. If it's past it's expiry, but it looks, smells, and feels good - it probably is! A fresh product will always tell you when it's spoiled. Trust us, you'll know

It is a fresh product, so we do recommend that you use it after purchasing when in its freshest state.

Store your scrub in the cupboard at room temperature. If you keep it in your shower, just make sure it's not directly under water as the metal lids will rust. Always be careful with our scrubs in the shower, our jars are tough but ceramic is tougher.


Scrub Tips:

- Close scrub jar tightly after each use.

- Over time the scrub will naturally separate, some more than others, and the oil will sink to the bottom (it's ok, it's natural). Just stir the scrub until it mixes back up.

- To keep scrub at it's freshest, scoop out desired scrub into a bowl and bring that into the shower with you. If water gets into your scrub, it will change its state.

- If your scrub hardens, use a strong spoon to break it up. Once it touches your wet skin in the shower, it will soften.