The Johnson & Johnson Talc Powder Case

johnson's talc powderHonesty is a priority in business. Being real with you, our friends and customers, is a huge part of our mandate for Scrub Inspired.

When we see cases like the Johnson & Johnson one, it reaffirms why we do what we do. The use of talc in cosmetics is only just the tip of the iceberg. The real issue here is the lack of honesty between Johnson & Johnson and their consumers.

"A juror said company memos showed the firm tried to cover up concerns about talc in cosmetics, and even influence regulators". [1]

"Another document noted that sales were declining as more people became aware of the health risks, and included strategies for making blacks and Hispanics the highest users of talcum powder".[1]

It is important to know what you put on your body, so please do educate yourself. You also need to make smart decisions about where you get those products. Shopping locally is one way to know where your products come from and who they are coming from.

We at Scrub Inspired promise to always to be honest with you, share our downfalls and our successes.

Our hearts go out to all those affected by the cover up of not only Johnson & Johnson, but big tobacco [2], Johns Manville (Asbestos)[3], the list goes on.


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