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Rick Millette

Rick Millette, Mills Photo. Canada Day in Ottawa 2017

A kaleidoscopic parade of people in a sea of red and white. Incandescent fireworks illuminating the night sky. Music, dancing, and festivities for all. Canada 150 was undoubtedly a night to remember.

This past year, the country has gone all out in celebration of Canada’s 150th year of Confederation. I mean, Toronto even debuted a 30,000-pound rubber duck. Because patriotism. All throughout the country, hundreds of thousands gathered in the streets to show their pride for and appreciation of this beautiful, wonderful, and welcoming country.

Now that Canada 150 is over, the hype is dying down. Everyone has washed off their face paint, taken off their patriotic pins, and come Monday, it’ll be business as usual. But the appreciation for Canada doesn’t have to stop. Here’s the secret no one emphasizes: buying local is the best form of patriotism.

I’ll say it again for the people in the back: Buying local is the best form of patriotism.

Here's why:


Stopping Pollution is the Best Solution

Scrub Inspired Environmentally Friendly

Since local goods spend a lot less time in-transit, buying local is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint; that means less pollution, better air quality, and greater protection of wildlife.

One of the best ways to be a patriotic citizen of the world is by buying “green” local goods and doing your part to protect our precious environment. 



Strengthening the Local Economy 

Buying local means more money stays within your community. In fact, research data shows that every local dollar spent generates twice as much income for the local economy [i]. Crazy, right? But that's not all. Community support groups and non-profit organizations rely more heavily on small local businesses: on average, they receive 250% more support from small business owners than they do from large conglomerates [ii].

Your dollars spent on local goods eventually trickle down to help the neediest members of your community. It's a beautiful butterfly effect!

Protecting Diversity

Imagine a world where everyplace is the same. The food. The products. The culture. All homogenized.


Local goods and small businesses make up the fabric of a place. They offer uniqueness, diversity, and personality - they're what make "home" home. By supporting local goods, you protect the distinctiveness of your community which can help promote a sense of identity. Plus, it boosts tourism [ii]

Scrub Inspired Canada


In the Spotlight: Invest Ottawa

Invest Ottawa works to help entrepreneurial momentum in the nation's capital by supporting and encouraging local businesses. Recently, Scrub Inspired participated in Main & Digital, a grant program with Invest Ottawa. We are so excited to announce WE WON!!! The first place prize was $7,500 which we can't wait to put to good use. Catch up to all the deets in the video below: 



Scrub Inspired is a Proudly Canadian Company.

Show your patriotism year-round and buy local!




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