DIY: Tea Infused Scrub with Tease Tea


This time of year it seems like a hot cup of tea can cure almost anything! Weather is terrible outside? Stay inside with a cuppa and your fav book. Girlfriend had a messy break up? Invite the ladies over to spill the tea. Skin is dry and lifeless? Glow that baby up with a fresh tea inspired scrub! 

Last week we joined Sheena from Tease Tea for episode 5 of Tease TV: DIY tea infused body scrub. We made a scrub recipe inspired by one of their new teas; Turmeric Tonic. This tea changed my life - seriously. It's a balanced mix of healing ingredients good for the inside and outside! Making it the perfect match for this recipe.



scrub inspired tease tea sheena brady jessica mcneil kiersten hanly



scrub inspired tease tea sheena brady jessica mcneil kiersten hanly

scrub inspired tease tea sheena brady jessica mcneil kiersten hanly



I'll leave it to the team from Tease Tea to give you the low down of how to make your own tea inspired scrub! This excerpt is from their lifestyle blog


Step 1: Start with your base 

The base of your scrub is your foundation. Grab some sugar from your pantry, it can be any type of sugar depending on your skin type and what experience you want. For sensitive skin we'd suggest brown sugar.


Step 2: Add moisture 

Can't just be rubbing dry sugar on your skin. Add some avocado oil, it absorbs wonderfully into the skin and is a great moisturizer.


Step 3: Select your Tea 

If you're looking for a softer, less harsh exfoliant- feel free to pulverize your tea a bit for a finer texture. We suggest our Turmeric Tonic, turmeric is great for brightening skin and detoxifying pores. Beware- don't use a heavy hand with the tea, less is more!


Step 4: Get creative

This is the fun step where your creativity can shine. Add in some fresh fruit juices, essential oils, fresh herbs, fruit zest- you can create any scent pallet your heart (and skin) desires. Remember to be mindful of the consistency of your scrub- you want to be able to rub it on your skin but also not too moist that it falls apart.


Step 5: Store your Scrub

Reuse & Recycle. Clean out any small jar you have at home ( such as a mason jar) that has a lid.


You're all set! How easy was that? Now you can spoil yourself with homemade scrubs and have your girls over for an evening of Sipping 'n' Scrubs DIY party.


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