How to Choose the Right Face Scrub for Your Skin Type

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Our faces are the first thing we show to the world, and we get it - skincare is complicated. One day your skin is as dry as sandpaper, the next day it's like an oil spill (not really romanticizing your skin here are we?). But don't worry, we've got a 100% all natural fix for you.

Our sugar scrubs are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. You can use them a couple of times a week (depending on your skin type), and BONUS - they're good from face-to-feet.

They will legit change your skin and in no time you'll be embracing that all natural glow. Got a skin type? We've got a scrub for that. Find your skin type below and discover the best scrub for your skin!


SKIN TYPE: oily / sensitive / acne-prone


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Why your skin will love it:

This scrub was designed specifically to help with pesky problematic skin. Co-founder Jessica created this scrub to help with her mid-20s stubborn acne. Customers use this scrub regularly, happily report it's helped them with unbalanced skin, rosacea, and psoriasis. Its mix of ancient spices will deeply heal the skin and get to work after just one use!


Use it like a mask! First thing you put on in the shower, last thing you take off! Let its healing ingredients soak into your skin.



Why your skin will love it:

Antioxidants is what this fun scrub brings to the game! Made with freshly pureed pomegranate seeds (that's right, we use whole REAL pomegranates) to ensure you get all their healing properties. This scrub is a wet scrub, gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Plus the sweet orange and grapeseed oil will blast pimples!


Pomegranate juice on the skin inhibits growth of cancer - anthocyanins and hydrolysable tannins come to the rescue! Just one of it's amazing natural properties.




Why your skin will love it:

Hello hydration! When we say this scrub is packed full of coconut oil - we're not bluffing. Wet your skin and apply this scrub to gently exfoliate dry, rough skin. It melts on the skin and will deeply moisturize, no lotion necessary!


This scrub is clutch when you've got a nasty sunburn. After the redness subsides, gently use this scrub regularly to buff away peeling skin, and deeply hydrate the area. Also soft enough to use on eczema - but remember to scrub gently! 



Why your skin will love it:

Need a citrus punch to start your day? Then this is the scrub for you. Enjoy it's uplifting lemongrass and orange aroma as you gently exfoliate your face. It's avocado oil will regenerate your skin cells (helping with sun damage or aging skin) and leave you deeply moisturized.


This scrub was designed with more mature skin in mind. It's packed full of antioxidants that help with fine lines + wrinkles and damaged skin.


SKIN TYPE: normal

Lucky you - your choice! 

If you've been blessed with normal skin, nothing too dry or oily, then you can choose any scrub. You'll be looking for something to use a couple of times a week to slough away dead skin cells and keep a bright complexion. Any of our face scrub line will do the trick. Just follow your nose.




Why your skin will love it:

Get ready for the day by energizing your body through your skin! This scrub is your go-to for those days when you get some rogue pimples, or your skin is out of whack. It has a slick finish, perfect match for your fav moisturizer!

Why your skin will love it:

You'll love this for your go-to scrub! Cleanse your skin with fresh pomegranate and relish in it's fresh fruity aroma. Make this scrub part of your routine for regular exfoliation, and finish with your fav moisturizer for extra hydration.

Why your skin will love it:

Mix dessert and shower time with this body fudge scrub. It almost melts on the skin, and gently buffs away dead skin cells. It's perfect when your skin needs extra moisture, or you're craving a sweet treat without the calories!

Why your skin will love it:

Start your day with a citrus kick! You'll relish in this scrub's uplifting and energizing aroma. Packed full of antioxidants, this scrub will leave you absolutely loving the skin you’re in! Perfect for regular exfoliation and lasting hydration.



How to Use a Face Scrub: 


Best used in the shower (but a sink will do). Wet skin, take a small handful of scrub, rub on in a circular motion. Add more scrub as needed. Rinse, dry and finish with your fav moisturizer if you need a top-up! The skin on your face is delicate, gently massage the scrub on your face. Don't apply too much pressure, be gentle and enjoy!


How often should you scrub your face?


We always say - let your skin tell you that. Our all natural scrubs are gentle enough to use several times a week. Some people like to use them daily (applying gentle like we went over above) almost like a cleanser. But we do recommend alternating in your favorite skin cleanser during the week. Our fav go-to is honey. Really though, buy some honey from the local farmers market and use it as a cleanser. It's good for all skin types and will leave your skin beaming. 



Have any questions about scrubbing your face, or need help choosing?
Comment below, we're happy to help. 💛



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