Get the Full Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can be summed up quite simply: the anti-hero. Anti-inflammatory. Antiseptic. Anti-microbial. Anti-bacterial. Anti-fungal. It’s the perfect anti-dote to many of your skin woes.

This was the inspiration behind our Lemon and Tea Tree sea salt body scrub. Our scrub can be used on your scalp, body, nails, and feet to treat a myriad of skin issues.  Here are the incredible benefits:


Don’t be Flaky

Is it snowing indoors? Nope. That’s just some good ol’ dandruff. Having a chronic scalp condition like dandruff can be annoying, frustrating, and generally embarrassing. Never fear: tea tree oil is here! Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties effectively stop the over production of skin cells that lead to dandruff [i]. Plus, a few drops go a long way to unclog hair follicles and remove excess sebum [i]. So go ahead girl – don’t be afraid to put on that little black dress! Lemon and Tea Tree Scrub Inspired


Salon Style Treatment


Getting a luxurious nail treatment is seriously therapeutic. If you don’t believe me, then you clearly haven’t watched Legally Blonde (you should really get on that, by the way). But, as with many of the finer things in life, mani/pedis can seriously put a dent in your wallet. And leaving your feet untreated for too long can lead to unhealthy and embarrassing conditions. Thankfully, you can always DIY! Incorporate tea tree oil in your at-home spa day for healthy, polished nails and feet. Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic and anti-fungal treatment that can kill nail fungi, treat athlete’s foot, eliminate foot odour, and soften cuticles [ii]. Never feel embarrassed of your feet again – if the shoe fits, wear it!

Lemon and Tea Tree Scrub Inspired

Get Silky Smooth


You won’t be feeling like anyone’s Venus, fire, or desire if you’ve got unsightly razor burn after shaving. Ingrown hairs and red bumps are neither cute nor comfortable so quite simply: they’ve got to go. Tea tree oil’s anti-inflammatory properties soothe soreness and irritation to put you at ease [iii]. Plus, this powerful antiseptic prevents infection and speeds healing time to remedy the bumps [iii]. Get a silky-smooth shave every time!


Dermatologist in a Bottle


Lemon and Tea Tree Scrub Inspired

Itchy, agitated skin? No thanks. Sometimes, skin just loves to freak out for no good reason. When that happens, tea tree oil is there to calm it down. Whether you’ve got a condition like eczema or psoriasis, or just dry skin in general (it is winter, after all), tea tree oil is the perfect fix. Soothe, moisturize, and cleanse your skin all at once.

Our energizing and cleansing Lemon and Tea Tree scrub is the perfect way to relax and regenerate the skin. Alert your senses and relieve any muscle aches and pains with this light and bright adventure for your body and mind!

Reap all the benefits of tea tree oil when you shop Scrub Inspired – you won’t be able to get enough!

Lemon and Tea Tree Scrub Inspired




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