7 BEST Prime Day Deals from Small Canadian Businesses

Prime Day is here; supporting small businesses in Canada is easier than ever. When the Amazon team contacted us last year, I was thrilled to hear they were putting together a feature for artisans from coast-to-coast. Small businesses are the heart of so many Canadian towns; seeing them represented on a platform like Amazon is incredible.

I love Prime Day because it kind of feels like Black Friday in July. My husband and I make our lists of what we want to find. Then the day of, we grab our laptops and a bottle of wine and start the hunt. We make it a whole thing. I do have to admit; it definitely confirms adult status when this is what we get excited over.

Ready to shop? Here are the best Prime Day deals I found from small Canadian businesses.

1. Scrub Inspired

 Scrub Inspired on Amazon Prime Day. Save 20% off Coconut Almond sugar scrub.

Shop clean beauty while saving up to 26% off. All our eligible Prime Day products are on sale and inventory is limited. Coconut Almond is my favourite summer pick. It's so gentle and relaxing after a day in the sun, and leaves your skin glowing. Get your summer skin glow up on sale.

2. Blume

 Save 20% on Blume superfood latte's for Amazon Canada's Prime Day Deals.

We've got a trifecta with Blume - Superfoods that taste good, are good for your body, and good for the environment. Save up to 20% on all their products. Pour a delicious cup of Blume, and cheers! Blume is based in Vancouver, B.C. 

3. Tella & Stella

Tella and Stella dog collars. Amazong Prime day deals


Based in Québec, Stella and Tella make fashionable and comfortable dog collars. Save up to 20% on a wide variety of their collars for Prime Day. Choose a fabulous print and support a local Canadian company.

4. BabyBibi

BabyBibi waterproof baby books for the bath. Amazon Prime day sale

Save 24% on waterproof baby books. If you're a parent, you know bath time can get a little wild. Finding good bath toys can transform the experience for all parties involved. Floating and waterproof books seem like a win/win! BabyBibi is based in Vancouver B.C.

5. Soak

Soak laundry soak Amazon Prime day sale
I'm always on the lookout for laundry soap with clean ingredients. Based in Mississauga, Soak sought to simplify one of our never-ending chores. Soak products are designed for all your clothes - we're talking about cashmere sweaters, lingerie, and hand wash only. I love products that simplify my life. Save 16% on select products. 


6. Jan and Jul

Jan and Jul children's clothing Amazon Prime day sale
Jan and Jul are based in rainy Vancouver. This inspired their line of outdoor gear for rain, sun, and everything in between. Not only do they make fantastic children's hats, rash guards (that completely zip down, revolutionary!), and more - they also seriously give back. They focus on ethical production, empowering women in China, and giving back with their "Mittens for a Cause" campaign. This Prime Day, save up to 28% on their products.

7. Lucky Iron Fish

Lucky iron fish, Amazon Canada Prime Day sales from Small Businesses


The founder of Lucky Iron Fish wanted to take an innovative approach to the world's largest nutritional deficiency that affects 2 billion people, especially women, and children. If you've ever used one of these, you know how easy it is! You pop it into boiling water and easily increase your daily iron dosage. They are based in Toronto and have 20% off their products for Prime Day.

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