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SCRUB Inspired all natural ingredients

We are so excited to launch our website and get our business off the ground! We are very crafty people by nature, and are always creating something new or redefining something to make it our own. We are passionate about using natural ingredients in everything in our life and it has inspired us to create a line of products made exclusively from ingredients found in nature. SCRUB inspired is home made body, face, and hand scrubs that are so natural you can eat!


So what's your flavour? Sea salt, sugar, coffee, grapefruit, or maybe a little zest? We have it all and so much more! Check our full line of scrubs here.


Who is behind SCRUB Inspired?

Jessica McNeil & Kiersten Hanly of SCRUB Inspired

SCRUB Inspired is located in the heart of Ottawa and is run by a (sometimes kilted) power duo, Jess & Kiersten. The cool & chic Jessica McNeil is proud Cape Bretoner, and spends her days as a passionate marketer at OAK Computing. The beautiful Miss Kiersten Hanly is known by many as "the every woman" and is a Business Dev extraordinaire at Shopify.


If you would like to host a SCRUB Inspired party, or would like to contact us - shoot an email to hello (at) scrubinspired (dot) com & we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • Michael Jaffey

    Hello Kiersten,
    I’ve just chatted with your mum and she told me what you’re doing, so I googled ‘scrubinspired kiersten, and that got me to your website. That’s now three things I know you can do, acting, online shopping, and organic soap making! Versatile!
    Fond regards,

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