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General FAQ


Are your products really all natural?


Yes! All of our products are 100% all natural. We like to keep our ingredients simple, wholesome, and amazing for your skin. 


Where are you located?

We're a proud Canadian company based in both Ottawa, Ontario and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Our Cape Breton hub manufactures and ships all products for our maritime stores, online and local pickup orders. And Ottawa takes care of the rest! 

1. Where should I store my scrub?

         If you're using it in the shower, you can keep in on the side of the tub. Keep it out of the way of direct water to prevent rusting, always re-seal the jar after use or it will dry out. You can also keep it in the cupboard, and spoon some into a small bowl and take it into the shower with you.


2. Where can I use my scrub?

        Head to toe! You can use our scrubs on dry areas, sensitive skin, or just skin that needs a little extra lovin'. Each scrub contains natural ingredients that can help with certain skin issues like psoriasis, dry itchy skin, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, sore and achy feet - and so much more. Want to know which scrub will help you? Just send us an email and we'll be happy to help!


3. How long will my scrub last?

      Our scrubs are practically made to order, and it is an all natural product, so we recommend using it when it's freshest! They will last for around 6 months. Over time, our scrubs separate because we don't use chemicals to keep them together - simply stir the scrub to bring the oils back to the top.


4. Do you have a jar return program? 

We do, though it's currently under development! There are a lot of logistics that need to be considered. In the meantime, if you have any jars you'd like to return, we'd be more than happy to provide a discount for your next order. Just email us at hello@scrubinspired.ca and we'll hook you up! 


5. What can I do with the jar when the scrub finishes?

There are literally millions of uses for jars. At home, I keep pure coconut oil in spare jars, spare change and paint them for home votive candles. I could go on forever, but why not just check out this Pinterest page full of ideas? 


6. What do I do if my scrub hardens?

        Because we use only natural products, over time or with exposure to air certain scrubs can harden. Add a touch a water and stir until it softens up. :) Also for certain scrubs that are coconut oil based (like Coconut Almond) you can simply run the glass jar part under warm water until the scrub softens.


7. Could the jar break in the shower?

       Yes, this is a possibility as our containers are made of glass, and certain angles always result in breaking. That being said, our jars are thick and durable, we even dropped them from a third story once and not a single break. We advise caution, keep the jars on the side of your tub, or portion your scrub in a bowl before you shower. :)


To learn more about each of our scrubs, visit our product FAQ page.