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Coconut Colada [exfoliating face mask]

$27.99 CAD

Fresh off the line, try our Coconut Milk + Pineapple Clay Face Mask [4oz]

Discover your eternal summer glow with this tropical clay milk mask. The only thing better than pineapple + coconut in glass - is on your skin.

Get your skin mask ready, start with a clean and slightly damp face. Grab a non-metal bowl* and add 2 parts Coconut Colada with 1 part water. Mix with non-metal spoon or brush. Gently apply to face, avoiding eyes and mouth.

Mask will feel tingly in the beginning. That's the feeling of it going hard to work!

Leave on for 10 minutes or until mask has almost hardened. Rinse with a warm cloth and finish with your favourite whipped butter.

Your skin will feel toned, soft and have that all natural glow. Use weekly for healthy, balanced skin. 4 oz, which will give you roughly 24 uses. 

*Why can't you use metal? Clay is so detoxifying that it will actually pull toxins from metal, putting that right into your mask. Stick to glass, wooden or clay bowls. 

Kaolin clay, rice flour, coconut milk powder, pineapple powder, vitamin E, blood orange essential oil.

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