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Product FAQ



1. Why is my scrub sometimes hard and sometimes soft?

Our coconut almond scrub is packed full of the unique qualities of coconut oil. Coconut oil is the only oil that completely hardens in the cold, gets softer in warmer temperatures and it's melting point is commonly 24 degrees. That means depending on temperatures in your home, your scrub may change.

Don't worry - it won't lower the quality of the scrub to warm up and cool down, so if it's tougher and you like it soft, just stick it under warm water for a few minutes (with the lid tightly sealed!) or even the microwave for a 30 second zap.

2. Can I use this scrub on my face? 
  • Heck yes. This scrub is very gentle, plus that coconut oil is so rich - it does wonders. If you find you have any breaking out when using coconut oil, just be sure to steam your face before using and remove the scrub thoroughly when rinsing and drying off.

3. How often can I use this scrub?

  • This is an extremely gentle scrub and can be used daily without any concern!



1. What will these "Super Power Ingredients" do for my skin?

ancient Indian spice that works miracles for our skin. It is: antibacterial, anti-aging, lightens pigmentation, evens skintone, controls oil, helps acne, and helps with cracked heels (honestly just to name a few).

Oatmeal: treats acne, soothes dry or irritated skin, mosturizes, natural cleanser, helps with itchiness, and helps protect the skin.

Coffee: reduces inflamation, battles cellulite (yay!), firms skin, anti-inflammatory, fights acne, helps protect from sun damage.

Coconut Oil: not just an incredible moisturizer, it also is: anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and soothes itchy & dry skin.

Cinnamon: brings blood and nutrients to the skin surface, which helps with: dry skin, plumping skin (reduces lines & wrinkles), acne, and eczema.

 2. The label says it's staining, why?

Turmeric! This wonderful, healing ingredient that is extremely staining. It's easy to get around though, just use a dark towel and don't get any on your clothes.



1. Why is this scrub wetter than the rest?

For this scrub we actually puree a full pomegranate. So that is why this scrub is wetter than the rest. It's wonderful on the skin and actually works on like a paste. Now that's a lot of anti-oxidant action for your skin!

2. This scrub smells so good, can I eat it?

Well, technically yes. It's just fresh pureed pomegranate, white sugar, grapeseed oil, and sweet orange essential oil. We don't recommend for people to eat our scrubs, but they are all natural and there is nothing in there that will harm you.

3. Why is this one of the best scrubs for your face?

Anti-oxidants are powerful healing agents. They work towards diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, help repair and prevent sun damage, and so much more. This scrub is one of our most gentle scrubs, has a light moisturized finish, and is delicious - making it the perfect scrub for your face!





1. Are sea salt scrubs safe to use on your face?

We leave it up to you. Lots of our customers (including ourselves) love our sea salt scrubs on the face. You know your skin better than anyone, use it in a small test area and if it's non-irritating, go for it.






1. Why is this scrub so good for your feet? 

This scrub's ingredients work hard at turning dry, cracked feet into feet ready to conquer sandal season.

Here's why:
Sea Salt: Softens tough skin, natural detoxifier, and antiseptic (help protect feet from bacteria and viruses)

Lemon: Antibacterial, anti-fungal, helps eliminate dryness, cleansing, and helps battle sore, achy feet.

Tea Tree: Powerful natural essential oil which is known for it’s anti fungal properties (helps with nail or foot fungus).

To use as a foot soak: Soak your feet in warm water, massage the scrub on your feet, (leave on for a couple of minutes if you like) rinse off and pat dry. 

2. Where else can I put this scrub to work?

Tea tree is an amazing healer and is notorious for it's pimple kungfoo skills. Use this scrub on your face (do a test spot first since it's a rougher scrub) to help acne-prone skin.

This scrub is also incredibly deodorizing. Use it after a cigarette, handling fish or other stinky foods, or after the garden to buff and beauty. 



1.  When is the best time to use this scrub?

Lavender essential oil if very relaxing for the body and soul. Use it any the end of the night in the shower to unwind and relax. You can also draw a warm bath and use the scrub for an aromatic experience.







1. Is this scrub also good for my face?

Absolutely! This scrub has avocado essential oil, which is not only an amazing moisturizer, but it also is packed full of antioxidants. Meaning it will fight those fine lines, wrinkles, age spot, and damaged skin. This scrub will reveal a youthful glow in your skin.