Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of glowing, healthy skin. This year's top sellers are sure to please anyone on your shopping list. Healthy skin is always in style. 


Gift-Giving Recommendations:


The One Who: Loves Self-Care Rituals 

The Coconut Colada Bundle is the perfect gift set for that someone who loves a good self-care ritual. Light a candle, put on a hair mask, and pour a cup of tea or wine - it's face mask time! This set includes a Coconut Colada Face Mask (up to 24 masks!), a handcrafted ceramic face mask bowl, and a wooden face mask brush.  Did we mention it's buy 2, get 2 free? That's a smashing good deal.


The One Who: Loves a Good Bath

Relax sea bath by Scrub Inspired

Chilly season and cozy baths go hand-in-hand. This is our go-to recommendation for someone when you're not sure what to get them. (Mostly) everyone has a bath and they will see this sitting on their shelf and say "yes, tonight is the night I need some relaxation time". They will fill up that bath, add a relaxing and therapeutic Sea Bath and drift away into paradise. 


The One Who: Loves Caffeine

Oatmeal Coffee Face Mask Scrub

We all have that friend who is always sipping on a cup of coffee and loves it in all forms (me, I'm that friend). Then this is the perfect gift for them, a caffeine kick for their skin! Our Oatmeal Coffee face + body scrub boasts some pretty serious skin healing benefits. It's known to help with acne, rosacea, oily skin, and cellulite. But don't just take it from us, it has 100% 5-star reviews


The One Who: Always Has Chapped Lips

lip scrub trio

Winter is tough on our skin, but it's especially tough on our lips. As soon as those cold temps hit you'll start to feel your lips drying out and cracking. If you've got a friend who's suffering, we've got the antidote. Our sugar lips scrubs will do 2 things: buff away dry and dead skin and deeply moisturize. A lip scrub once a week can keep dry skin at bay.

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