🍍 When cocktail hour meets shower time 🍍

scrub inspired pineapple collection

Kick off summer with glowing skin!

 We've got you covered this summer with a fresh pineapple + coconut line.
Designed to refresh and tone your skin, leaving an all natural sun kissed glow.



scrub inspired pineapple coconut scrub

Get beach ready in just one use. This fresh pineapple sea salt scrub
will buff away dry skin, reduce redness, and deeply hydrate.

scrub inspired pineapple splash coconut sea bath salt soak scrub inspired coconut colada face mask clay pineapple

Tropical Paradise is within reach!
Soak your day away with 
milky detoxifying mix
 that will
leave your skin feeling amazing.

Discover your eternal summer glow
this clay milk mask. The only
thing better than pineapple + coconut
in glass - is on your skin.

We're so excited to add on this new fresh line!
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